BCATP has a personal connection….

My dad served in World War II under Squadron 525 RAF, Transport Command.  Douglas Bonell started his training in 1940 when he joined the Air Force.  Douglas was trained as a Pilot and then completed his Advanced Wireless Operator training in Winnipeg, then off to complete his Gunnery training in Lethbridge.   My dad wanted to be a fighter pilot, but the Air Force had other plans for him.  Douglas was disappointed, but soon realized that the roll in the WWII was just as important as a fighter pilot.  After my dad’s training was completed, he was later shipped off to England to fight for our freedom.  Douglas, you were and are a hero!

Dad flew a number of the trainers, Harvard, Fleet Fort, Chipmunk, and the Cornell; he loved flying the Harvard, his words….It was great for acrobatics!  As part of his training, Dad was part of the Coastel Command, made many trips in the Anson to Patricia Bay.  At the time, didn’t know that it was the RCAF’s plan to ship him off to England to be a part of Squadron 525 Transport Command.

Douglas Bonell, 2nd row, 1st left.

Making this trip across the East Coast in a Harvard brings me closer to his stories.  Wow, his daughter flying in a Harvard, daughter like father!


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I love flying and the outdoors. My husband Rob Erdos is the Chief Test Pilot, NRC and on his spare time flies vintage airplanes for Vintage Wings of Canada. Rob & I are building an RV-6 homebuilt plane, and are loving every minute of it.
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  1. such a special connection!!! xo

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