Big Day in Greenwood

The Yellow Wings crew has been hosted in Greenwood by Bryan Nelson from the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum. Bryan has turned this stop in the Yellow Wings tour into a very productive and personally memorable event!

Rob and I started the day with a tour of the various operational units at 14 Wing Greenwood. We received a very thorough briefing about pilot training on the CP140 Aurora, and then put their facilies to the test by taking a turn on the Aurora simulator. Rob can report that the Aurora (or at least the sim) flies fine on two engines, and does a very nice forced landing with 4 engines feathered! We then got a tour of the Cormorant SAR helicopter at 413 Squadron.

After lunch, again thanks to the efforts of Bryan Nelson, we got approval from the Wing to conduct a demonstration flight of the Harvard. The Base Commander approved a low-level aerobatic flight over his Base, and sent an e-mail to the entire Wing staff announcing the appearance of our Yellow Wings! Rob did his airshow aerobatic routine to normal airshow limits, and it was an absolute joy to see nearly everyone on the Base come outside to watch the Harvard salute them with 15 minutes of aerobatics. Rib still can’t believe that the Wing brought all military air traffic to a stop at mid-day to allow our Harvard to perform!

After the aerobatic routine, and in order to thank the Greenwood staff for their support, Rob offered to take one deserving military member for a familiarization flight in the Harvard. By popular consensus, the most deserving individual was Bruce Souter, who was responsible for much of the refinishing work on the Museum’s lovely Argus aircraft. Bruce seemed to enjoy the flight thoroughly, and will have many stories to share with his colleagues at Greenwood.

O yes, we got to see the restored Anson just completed by the volunteers of the Museum. My dad flew the Anson with Coastal Command before heading over to the War.

Our Big Day in Greenwood was indeed a highlight of our portion of the Yellow Wings maritime tour. We can’t thank all of the wonderful people of Greenwood enough for their efforts, and in particular Bryan Nelson for his friendship and support.






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I love flying and the outdoors. My husband Rob Erdos is the Chief Test Pilot, NRC and on his spare time flies vintage airplanes for Vintage Wings of Canada. Rob & I are building an RV-6 homebuilt plane, and are loving every minute of it.
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