Our trip home….

Due to weather, we decided an early departure from Stanley on Saturday, Sept. 4th.   We encountered low clouds, so we couldn’t get above 1000 feet, most cases flying approximately 500 feet.  The scenery was spectacular following the river, weaving through the small towns and villages between the mountains.  I now understand Rob’s passion for the sky.

You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the

— Amelia Earhart

We ended our day in Quebec City around 6:30 pm; once again the Harvard was a magnet, people made many eye prints on the beautiful yellow wings.

The next morning, we started early anticipating bad weather.  After lengthy discussions and review of weather, Rob made the decision to take off.  Our next stop was Saint-Hubert, QC to wait out the storm heading our way.  Once again, our yellow wings attracted lots of attention.  Everyone was so helpful to get the Harvard tied down, and covered just in time as the heavy rains and lightening started.   After a few hours the skies opened up and we set off for the last leg home.

I cannot find enough words to express how much fun we had, meeting new and old friends, soaring the skies of the East Coast, Quebec and Ontario.

The East Coast has a special place in my heart, and someday we will return!

The fascination of flight can’t be expressed with words. But it
really lies beyond the capabilities of human endeavor. Once you’ve experienced  it, you’ll never be able to forget it.

 Friedrich Oblessor, 127 victories WWII.


About rv6adventures

I love flying and the outdoors. My husband Rob Erdos is the Chief Test Pilot, NRC and on his spare time flies vintage airplanes for Vintage Wings of Canada. Rob & I are building an RV-6 homebuilt plane, and are loving every minute of it.
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One Response to Our trip home….

  1. ericvolstad says:

    Wow, what a trip! Debbie – thanks for taking the time to share this. This is a real treasure. Cheers, Eric

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