Arrived in London…Wow!

Arrived in London around 3:30 pm. All I could say is wow!

We are staying at the Parkwood Hotel on Stanhope Place, just across from Marble Arch, at the northern edge of Hyde Park. Simply amazing!

We took a walk through Hyde Park to see Buckingham Place. Guess what? I jumped up and down clapping my hands like a kid in a candy shop.  Rob warned that the Queen doesn’t like noisy peasants, and might come out and scold us.

20111108-210931.jpgMarble Arch







After some excitement, Rob pulled me away and we continued our walk up “The Mall” to Trafalgar, then on to forage for food.

After refueling we continued our tour. Rob took me for a stroll along Piccadilly and Regent Street. Ladies, now this is the place to shop! Omg! I thought Vienna was great place to shop.


Well off to bed, new exploring tomorrow, Buckingham Place, the horse stables, Changing of the Guard, Big Ben and on and on.
The question is…will sleep, I am way too excited!


About rv6adventures

I love flying and the outdoors. My husband Rob Erdos is the Chief Test Pilot, NRC and on his spare time flies vintage airplanes for Vintage Wings of Canada. Rob & I are building an RV-6 homebuilt plane, and are loving every minute of it.
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5 Responses to Arrived in London…Wow!

  1. ericvolstad says:

    You guys are having WAY too much fun! Rob – Two simple rules to keep in mind when you give your big presentation before the Royal Aeronautical Society: Don’t make fun of the Queen; and don’t make fun of Cornish pasties.

  2. oh – I love Cornish pasties..and Treacle Tart…have one of those. Forgot to tell you of a great Thai restaurant just near London Bridge…shoot.
    Loving your posts & pics..keep ’em coming.

  3. This is so awesome Debbie. I feel like I am there with you. Love
    all of the comments too.

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